Winter Fashion Shoot

I know its been a couple of weeks since the last post. We havn't been very busy, but between Ethan getting very sick and me trying to get things going with my photography the last two weeks have just flown by. We also went to a couple of playdates, met a new friend for Peyton. Her mom actually knows quite a few people that I know, its amazing how small the world is, or at least my town!

So this morning I woke up bright and early to go to a photoshoot. Andrea was local so I didn't have to travel to far. It was nearly a disaster though. I was so nervous for some reason that I forgot to charge my camera battery! Thankfully our local indoor pool was open so I packed everything up and ran over there, out of breathe I managed to ask if I could use their outlet (at least I was smart enough to pack the charger!). So I sat on the floor by the front entrance for everyone to see my mistake. I will never again forget to charge the battery.

The rest of the shoot went great. I had so much fun. The weather was a little overcast but it didn't rain, so that was great! Here are a few of my favorite shots from the day!

Six Months, Reflecting Back

Peyton hit the six month mark today. Other then sleeping more and getting stronger at sitting up she hasn't really had any new milestones. I was so excited for her to hit the half a year mark. I didn't really think about how far she and I had come in the last six months. I thought about what I was doing a year ago today. While I couldn't do much because I had to take it very easy with my pregnancy. I do remember feeling impatient waiting to find out if she was in fact a girl. I loved having my little boy, but I did very badly want a girl. With a wild toddler and an equally roudy husband who wouldn't hope for a girl to even things out in the household. I would love to say that I knew from day one that I was going to have a girl, but I think my wishful thinking made me bias on that thought. Ethan however called it long before Jason or I ever did. I still remember the day when he made his hands into binoculars, put his head and ''binoculars'' to my belly and said hello baby girl.

Ethan's face makes me smile so much! I really don't know how I would have gotten through some of the tough days with Peyton without him!

Back To Basics, Well Back To Blonde Anyways

So after weeks of going back and forth, I finally grabbed the box of hair colour I bought a while back and began what will be the slow process of going back to being a blonde! And before everyone shreeks at me for not going to a salon, I have not had a bad experiance with colouring my hair at home, if I had then yes I would go to the salon to have it done professionallly. I was hoping the ends of my hair would be a bit lighter, but I am really happy with the diffusion look that came out. After two years of being a dark burnette I think Jason was very happy to see the blonde make an apperance again. He did like my darker hair, but had said it would be interesting to see me with lighter hair again. Ethan's reaction made me laugh, he was very excited that he and I could be blonde together!

The hair clip is Peyton's it's from Stella and Dot.

I know this one isn't really a hair shot, I just liked it.

Wordless{ish} Wednesday

I didn't take these photo's today, but loved them too much not to share. Peyton has discovered that by wiggling herself she moves. When she really gets going she moves like crazy. I took these photos after one of her wiggle sessions. It is really funny to watch her flail and throw herself as she moves across our carpet. I had heard a lot that no two babies are a like, but I never new just how different Peyton would be from Ethan. When Ethan was six months old, he was rolie polie and was very happy to just sit. He never had any interest in even trying to move until he was about 10 months old, and even then his form of moving for the next three months was to wiggle himself from one side of the room to the other. Another extreme difference between Peyton and Ethan is laughter. When Ethan was a baby it was so easy to get him to laugh. He found it very funny when we would rip newspaper. Doing this would have him fall over from laughing so much. Peyton on the other hand is not so easy, We finally were able to get a couple of giggles here and there out of her, but still have not been able to get a full laugh out of her. I have fun trying and for now the smiles and little giggles will continue to make me happy!

After she was done wiggling we put her back on her mat, where she will rest for a few minutes then start over again!

Touch Up Tuesday

My smooshie face bumbler sitting up on her own! This is Peyton's latest milestone!

I adjusted the lighting, contrast, and to have some fun I added a colour dodge layer.

Random Objects Photo Walk

I have been feeling so sick lately and really wanted to get out of the house, so with my camera wrapped around me I went for a photo walk. I tried to get creative and take pictures of things that I had not really noticed before. All of these images are straight out of the camera, still not feeling great enough to edit them all. Hope you enjoy them!

I like the look of the hilly road and the straight building.

I thought this little girl with her Father looked so sweet.

I was feeling inspired by shadows today!

Was also inspired by refelctions, and I am in love with my orange coat!

I took this Photo for Ethan, he loves this clock horse.

More reflections!

These five photos of this art structure are probably my favorite shots of the evening.

Sun is gone, time to go home.

Liked the semi purple sky.