With the last long weekend of the summer coming up Jason and I have been planning a camping trip. We have talked about where to go, what to bring, what kind of food we will want, and how much baby related items we should bring. Ethan however has a different way of preparing for our trip. When we told him that he should start to think about what toys to bring, he immediately went on to our deck to test which would be the best camping chair for him to bring. So we secretly took some photo's of Ethan making his decision.


For my first post I want to introduce everyone to my husband Jason. He is a stubborn nerd just like me. He is crazy and lovable, and the kind of guy that will laugh at his own jokes, but I usually end up laughing with him because his laugh is infectious. But the quality that I admire most is his patience. After almost six years Jason knows that with any decision that I need to make I will change my mind a minimum of at least 5 times. He is with me helping raise our wild three year old Ethan and our new little bumbler, baby girl Peyton, and best of all he loves me no matter how crazy I get! So everyone meet Jason.