I have a 12 week old!

I can't believe it, I have made it to the three month mark. After what felt like years of no sleep day or night my baby girl has finally recieved the message that night time is for sleeping. Peyton still cries a lot during the day, but I have feeling its because she is bored and wants to get into Ethan's toys! I don't mind her crying so much during the day as long she continues to sleep the whole night through she can do pretty much whatever she would like during the day! I can't believe how fast she has grown. She is already wearing some six month old clothes and will soon no longer fit in her swing or sling. Next week she will be sleeping in her bassinette for the last time as she is the same length as it now! I never expected to be so shocked at her rapid growth rate given this is not my first baby, but I feel like she is growing fast then Ethan did.

On a side note I came across this link today and would love if everyone could click on it. Pampers and Unicef have teamed up and everytime someone clicks on the link another baby around the world is immunized with a tetnus shot.

10 hours

Six weeks

Seven weeks

Nine weeks

Ten weeks

Eleven weeks

Twelve weeks

 Peyton looking like a turtle at Twelve weeks

Twelve weeks