First big holiday and milestone

Thanksgiving was Peyton's first big holiday. This weekend was also the first time she would not be sleeping in her bassinette. I change I have not been taking to well. Peyton is now 18 pounds and 24 inches long! I knew that she would eventually sleep in her crib, but I did not think that it would happen this soon. When Ethan was an infant I could not wait for him to grow and develop his personality, but now the phrase 'They grow up so fast,' haunts me. Everyday I know that she will be different tomorrow, learn how to do something new, and possibly never do something that she had done the day before. We started giving Peyton rice cereal because she was so hungry and not getting enough from me or even formual. Since starting this she feeds from me less, and I found that I miss it much more then I could have known, something that six weeks ago I could not wait for to be over. I enjoyed nursing with her but she was so hungry that I would be feeding her ever hour and a half for 45 minutes at a time. I had thought this was normal until I went to my doctors for my six week check up. He prescribed me something to help this problem and since then things have been great and so easy. But now that things have finally gotten easier Peyton does not need to feed as many times. On the plus side I love watching Ethan play with her, and I have fun playing with both of them. Both Ethan and Peyton are wild but so much fun!